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Mulberry outlet uk - Founder of the Mulberry

Mulberry Roger Saul, founder, since 1970 after Mulberry leather Kingdom established in the Somerset countryside, so far will save the time spirit of the time, while leather is really real and original appearance is attractive, one of the important factors for Mulberry red. Mulberry this more than a century of United Kingdom established, as with most historic boutique, had walked into the low tide period, but the brand younger, multiple pockets, buckle, rivets such a combination of beauty and practicality of design, again spread around the world.

Mulberry outlet uk spot specializing in leather products, by Mulberry is located in England Southwest party factory within of superb technologist build, combines practical, and original and skin material touch, ingenuity of creative design jumped off other brand gorgeous of style, towards classic of antique style, merchandise in the thick and smell heavy of leather, and large using of metal rivet, and the buckle with, and old copper color of metal accessories, was can't help but Lenovo to medieval European times, with points alongside and fantasy of Castle Knight, This is the legacy of shoddy subprime products that cannot be easily imitated. Due to special attention material, so also of package paragraph in different skin material made Xia, rendering out of flavor also not same, like is exotic flavor of Congo leather, and rough of Scotchgrain leather, and and quality delicate of United Kingdom Matt glove leather, durable degrees, of course very close, but tie different of dyeing, anyone are can from found most for himself of color material, seems tailored set do General, makes many fashion men and women to resistance its charm.

Mulberry outlet style introduction

Mulberry outlet, like many of the reborn classic brands since 2000, after the injection of new investment and allow brands to quickly transition, even won the British Fashion Council in September 2004, the title of "Best Accessory Designer 2004", is a large brand. This years best known for hot Pack, with the addition of Herm Grands s Birkin would be similar appearance outside the Bayswater of better, there are stylish and functional real Roxanne, number each paragraph is expensive and not many hit the Charter rate is quite low.

And worship celebrities in effect in 2012 years thanks, from the United Kingdom's centuries old Mulberry which is especially popular, Taiwan has a lot of ladies carrying its appearance, use model in Europe is not finished, top supermodel Kate Moss is a faithful champion of the popular styles-Bayswater.

United Kingdom top brand, since its early 70, has always been a United Kingdom local style most innovative avant-garde high leather goods. After Nicholas Knightly 2000 appointed as architect, firmly establishing its elegance, quality and brand image, and sweeping the international markets in the short term, United States, Asia bullish market all the way.

From the United Kingdom very favourite Mulberry has long been a celebrity fashion brands, Hollywood stars such as Kate Moss, Tom Hanks, Liv · Taylor, Scarlett · Johnson, Leigh Sha·luxiaen, Mick Jagger and others, as well as United Kingdom one of the most popular IT GirlAlexa Chung's Mulberry faithful love.

Mulberry sale spring/summer fashion

Mulberry sale spring/summer women's fashion accessories with bold, bright colors for monochrome leather into new, glossy vinyl fabric, denim and lots of silver jewelry, showing different styles. Re-interpretation of the classic designs of the season such as Bayswater and Indigo jeans made of vinyl series mega Roxanne. New Poppy, inspired by the iron Knight, is equipped with a large number of zippers, and plenty of color choices, shaping the different daytime look.

Women's clothing series focus on practicality, but without losing the femininity, the essence of exquisite traditional continuity of the brand by brand. Dress continues to be focus of the series, into the pastel prints, perforated metal decoration and variegated quilting, zipper, roses, collection of vintage and modern style. Other designs, such as an English-style embroidery, cotton and fine fabrics, for spring to add soft texture.

Men's accessories in a compact, monochrome, catering to different styles. Denim with silver accessories continue to be focused on, Warren series, King of the iron Knight inspired denim Piccadilly with Bailey and Justin White Leather Holdall bags, sport and luxury theme this season, a perfect match.

Men's wear collection to bring you the feeling of spring, cloth for neutral tones, rich texture, cut simple and stylish. Racing suit is the focus of men's wear collection, shows the vitality of spring; tough iron rider jacket with soft white leather and canvas, pairing skinny jeans; suits with smooth satin material, dissemination of fashion sense of self-confidence; either a shirt or a series of loose trousers, with softer tones of printing soft chiffon to show the brand's classic.

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